Friday, April 23, 2010

Choices in Life

Vanilla icecream or chocolate icecream? Movie or shopping? Pizza or Pasta? Well, all of us are spoilt for choices these days. For anything & everything, there are umpteen number of choices to choose from. I am sure the Landmark graduates appreciate this concept of "choice" and how sometimes life gives us only one choice to choose :-)

Last month, Poorvi (rather, we on behalf of Poorvi) had to take a decision - probably the first major one - whether to take "Hindi" or "Kannada" as her second language in school :-) Difficult situation, eh? We decided to go with Kannada, but Poorvi was really upset with the choice. Not because any of her other friends took Hindi, but she just wanted to learn Hindi !! She says " I know Kannada, why should I learn again? I want to learn Hindi". We tried our best to convince her that she still has to learn "how to write & read kannada", "Hindi can be taught at home" etc. No, she was not convinced. For now, this is enforced upon her and as parents we always think our Kid is too small to make a correct "choice". Wonder when & at what age of Poorvi that I will stop thinking about this & let Poorvi make her own choice.

Anyway, people make right decisions sometimes by choosing what seems to be best at a particular moment & some people make a wrong decision. We all have been through these "wrong" & "right" choices in our life, isn't it? But, only when we think that "I choose vanilla icecream, because I choose vanilla icecream", one can be happy with any decision we take in our life. Let us just enjoy all the choices we have made so far & enjoy the choices we are going to make in future.