Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of Summer?

Cool breeze, evening rains & cloudy mornings. Is it the end of Summer of 2010? Are we done with the hot days of 2010? Hope so.

End of summer has mixed emotions for me. On one hand, no more irritating hot days, nice weather to look forward to. On the other hand, it is Poorvi's school ! Oh God, all those running around in the mornings begin from next week. Poorvi will have 100's of reason not to go to school & we need to convince her that the best thing ever happened to mankind is the school. As she grows older, it becomes ever increasingly difficult to convince her to do something, including going to school :-( 

Coming back to Summer of 2010, it was nice last two months. We had IPL for most part of the summer, full of entertainment for 45 days. There was a match on each day & definitely made the summer evenings that much more hot with some exciting contests. So, I was looking forward to each day (rather evening) enthusiastically.

During this summer, I also tried commuting by Volvo bus for few days to beat the summer heat. It is a completely different world in Volvo buses compared to normal BMTC bus. Most of the commuters on board are either hooked to iPods or to laptops/mobiles & most of the crowd are from software industry. They also play music from local FM stations, which really makes the journey in Volvo buses all that more comforting.

Poorvi also had her first stay outside Bangalore for 3 days during this summer :-) Although she wanted to come back to Bangalore from day-1, she managed 3 days without much of fuss. Hopefully in an year or two, she will be big enough to look forward to spend her summer holidays in Ajji-Thatha's house.

Now that summer is almost over, am thinking of the coming months. Heavy rains, clogged drains & traffic strains? Hopefully it will not be as bad as the rainy season of 2005 when the lakes overflowed with water flooding some of the main roads of Bangalore south. 

Anyways, till next summer, wishing you all a very cool year ahead.