Saturday, November 20, 2010

Advertising blunders

I have been commuting in car these days to office and back. So, needless to say, am hooked on to FM radio atleast for 2 hours/day. Recently an Ad on one of the FM radio station caught my attention. It was to do with online coaching/tuitions/tests/homework guidance for children from KG to PG. Nice concept, all the facilities were explained properly, but... I could hardly make out the website . Well, I could make out www & com and that word inbetween these two were very elusive. It sounded like "" or "", followed by a tag line "Learn on time". Thanks to my 2 hours/day loyalty to FM stations, I could listen to this ad many number of times over and I paid special attention to their website name, everytime. Alas, I can never get it. Determined, I started Googling for "Learns go", "Lets go learn" etc and landed in some education related websites, but was not sure if that's the one which was advertised on air.

I finally gave up on this website, untill yesterday when I saw an ad in the newspaper. "KG to PG" phrase caught my attention and I felt a bit happy to have found the proper website name this time around. Umm, not so lucky, even the way they have written the name in the ad, it was really tricky to understand it in the first read. Finally I could make out that I was always listening to the ad from (check their website and their Lampsglow logo) !!! Uh, so much for the advertisement. It is like writing an exam with full confidence of scoring 90+, but forgot to mention your registration number on the answer sheet.