Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Poorvi's school has started & as expected, our days are filled with lot of suspense (whether Poorvi goes to school or not), thrill (of last minute rush to the school bus) and a nice climax (many a times not-so-nice-anti-climax).

Well, new academic year, new things to learn for Poorvi. On an evening last week, Poorvi was chanting something like "Daddy, Dog" etc. I was curious to know what Daddy had to do with dog. So, Poorvi started reciting the new rhyme - "I had a Dog, His name was Daddy, His tail was short.. best in the world is my Dog Daddy" so on. Is this the first thing to teach for the kids at school? I was really furious. I even tried to teach Poorvi - " I had a monkey, Her name was Mummy", but unfortunately she never picked it up.

Thankfully, yesterday Veena did some research on this interesting rhyme (probably she wanted to know what other adjectives are being used on daddy). Actual rhyme goes something like this:

I had a dog, and his name was Dandy,
His eyes were brown and his coat was sandy,
His tail was short and his legs were bandy,
The best in the world was my Dog Dandy!

Uff, what a relief for me.

Another incident with words during this summer. Poorvi is hooked on to POGO channel for 15 hours a day (rest of the time she sleeps). Probably she knows more about Pogo channel & the cartoon timings better than the Channel director. She was telling me about a program called "Maruthi Daughters". I was little bit puzzled. As far as my little knowledge goes, Maruthi (Hanuman) remained bachelor for life. Who were his daughters? Anyway, in this age of Chota Bheems & Maruthi-mera-dost, I thought Pogo must have come up with some cartoon. When I saw "Maruthi daughters", it neither had Maruthi, nor was it close to anything with mythological characters. Then I came to know about the correct name of the program - "My Three Daughters".

So much for the words. Poorvi now has a friend in school called "Mythri". I usually pull Poorvi's leg - "OK, you have a friend Mythri, but where are the daughters?".