Saturday, September 18, 2010

Missing someone special...

Well, our friendship goes back to 1998. It was sometime in summer of 98 that I met him. Eversince then, its been a fantastic journey together. We were close friends for last 12 years. We used to go together to play cricket, go for swimming, go to anywhere and everywhere. It was an inseparable bond and unfortunately this came to an end today.

Although from last few years, we have not been so much together as we used to be 10 years back, we had that special feeling for each other. He never said NO to go anywhere at anytime together. I was really amazed by his enthusiasm and energy, which never seem to be low at anytime. Its really hard feeling to miss such best friend of mine today. I still cannot believe that he does not exist for me anymore. I am really going to miss you my dear old Kinetic Honda. Do take care.

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