Friday, April 1, 2011

The war that we won...

India v/s Pakistan in Worldcup semi-finals. It was nothing but a war - with so much hype, publicity and tension. It was as if the reputation of both the countries were at stake on March 30th, 2011.

Every news channel, every news paper had this event as the main story. Pressure was too much to take, not only for players but also for lesser mortals like us. I just did not read the headlines and sports page for 3 days preceeding the semi-"Finals". I made it all up on 31st March, not missing a single word in newspaper or not missing a single comment on Facebook :-)

1996 memories were still "Green" in everyone's mind. We desperately wanted a repeat performance from "Blues". Uh, can we say, it was better than 1996? Atleast I feel so, but for that Aamir Sohail - Venkatesh Prasad war in 1996. There was no such on-the-field event to remember forever, but Sehwag's 5 Fours in an over of Gul come close to it.

Almost each and everyone had a special plan for this special day. It may be missing office, falling sick, catch up action at office itself or get-together with your friends to watch it on big screen somewhere. We had a special screening at our apartment too and wowa, it turned out to be a carnival time till 11:30 PM. So much of cheering, so much of dance, so much of fun. Kids especially had lot more fun. Summer holidays, no exam tension, getting-together with your friends in apartment till late in the night, uh it was really a day (or night) that the kids will remember forever.

Just hoping to recreate this atmosphere on Saturday too for the finals. Keeping fingers crossed and chanting - "Chak De India, Go India Go".

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